Attention all thrill-seekers and adventure enthusiasts: Mandela Architecture recently turned up the excitement meter with an electrifying "Amazing Race" activity that had first-year students buzzing with excitement!

Picture this: students from our esteemed architecture, architectural technology, and interior design programmes formed teams and embarked on an exhilarating quest across campus. Their mission? To unravel clues, track down important figures and spaces within our school, navigate through our bustling faculty office, make a pit stop at the cashier's desk, swing by the food trucks for a delicious treat, and even detour the library to borrow a book. But this wasn't just your ordinary campus tour. Oh no! This was an opportunity for our new students to truly "learn their campus" while also breaking the ice and fostering collaboration amongst themselves.

"It was like a whirlwind adventure that brought us all together," exclaimed one enthusiastic participant. "We laughed, raced, conquered challenges, and most importantly, bonded as a team!"

From solving brain-teasing riddles to navigating through campus landmarks, the Amazing Race not only showcased the diverse talents and skills of our students but also highlighted the importance of teamwork and collaboration in our school community."Our aim was simple: to create an unforgettable experience that would set the tone for a fun and engaging academic year ahead," shared the organising committee. "And judging by the smiles, laughter, and high-fives exchanged throughout the day, I'd say we nailed it!"

As the sun set on this epic adventure, our first-year students returned to campus with newfound friendships, a deeper understanding of our school's layout, and memories that will last a lifetime. So here's to Mandela Architecture's Amazing Race – an event that proves that learning doesn't have to be confined to the classroom and that sometimes, the best lessons are learned while racing against the clock with friends by your side.

Let the adventures continue!