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The NMMU School of Architecture is internationally renowned for the quality of its teaching and the high calibre of diplomates and graduates it produces. Three programmes are offered: Architecture, Architectural Technology and Interior Design. All programmes have National and International accreditation. Students are offered the opportunity to study towards becoming Professional Architects, Professional Senior Architectural Technologists, Professional Architectural Technologists or Interior Designers.

Design and technology are interrelated as key elements of all programmes offered. All programmes contain both design and technical elements but with varying emphasis.



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Director:School of Architecture
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Department of Architecture

The Architecture programme places the emphasis on design as the core skill of the architect. The programme that leads to registration as a Professional Architect consists of two degrees; firstly the Bachelor of Architectural Studies (BAS) followed by the Master of Architecture (Professional). In this programme design is the essential element that informs the theory and technical subjects. Students who only complete the BAS course may also become Senior Architectural Technologists.

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Department of Architectural Technology and Interior Design

The Architectural Technology programme is mostly concerned with the technical development of buildings. This may cover technical building design, the design of construction details, the design of parts of buildings and the presentation of the design. Architectural Technologists may also design houses and simple conventional building types. The National Diploma and B Tech courses combine to form the programme in Architectural Technology that leads to registration as Professional Architectural Technologist or Professional Senior Architectural Technologist. Students who have completed the B Tech: Architectural Technology (Applied Design) course may qualify for acceptance into the M Arch (Prof) course if they perform adequately in the Design 3.

The Interior Design programme deals with the manipulation and creation of spaces within existing or new structures. Interior Designers have the opportunity to manipulate spaces to add meaning to the lives of the users. Here design is the core subject that informs all the theory and technical subjects. The programme equips students with the crucial knowledge and skills to create interiors with positive spatial qualities and that are uplifting for people on all levels of experience. The National Diploma and B Tech courses combine to form the programme in Interior Design.

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